Invest in Środa Śląska

Why Środa Śląska?

The Środa Śląska Municipality is located in the center of Lower Silesia within a 30 km radius of both of the largest cities of the voivodeship – Legnica and Wrocław

The distance to the border with Germany is 138 km, and 87.7 km to the border with Czech Republic.

Many small businesses and large international companies are located in Środa Śląska.

Attractive investment areas in the subzone of the Legnica Special Economic Zone.

The average gross monthly salary in the Środa Śląska District – PLN 3,808.58

The unemployment rate in the Środa Śląska District – 6.2%

The area of ​​the Środa Śląska Municipality is located in the LSEZ Subzone – 286.20 ha (link to the zone)

An enterprising region:

Small businesses as well as major international companies are developing dynamically in our Municipality.

The following are active in our Municipality:

Natural persons registered as business owners 1 457

The main industries located in the Środa Śląska Municipality are:

Wholesale and retail trade 382
The construction industry 254
Professional activities 131
Economy and transport 119
Industry and processing 113



Trading companies in total 159
Trading companies – with foreign capital participation 49
Trading companies – in B,C,D,E sections 56
Trading companies – in F section 13
Trading companies – in G section 47
Trading companies – in L section 7


The employment structure and size of the companies:

The size of the companies in the area of ​​Środa Śląska Municipality by number of employees

total 2 183
0 – 9 2 094
10 – 49 69
50 – 249 18
250 – 999 2


Tax exemptions

For new investments there is a possibility of obtaining substantial real estate tax exemptions. The exemption period may last up to 5 years. The details of exemptions are available at www….. (the website for entrepreneurs, tax exemptions tab)

Furthermore the LSEZ located businesses may to obtain an additional CIT exemption from the Special Economic Zone.


The Municipality initiated public transport services to enable the employees easier commuting, by rail, from different parts of the voivodeship to Środa Śląska, and then to workplaces located in the Municipality.

There are bus and railway services operating in Środa Śląska.
Small distances to the most important traffic routes


  • Distance to the A4 motorway – 20 km.
  • Distance to the A4 Wrocław Motorway Bypass – 26 km.
  • Distance to the Wroclaw airport – 26 km



Many students from the Municipality and the Środa Śląska District attend schools in the Środa Śląska Municipalit.

There are 5 primary schools, 2 secondary schools located in the Municipality

Primary school pupils: 1 308

Secondary school students 462

The main majors in secondary schools:

Vocational High Schools:

– logistics technician
– freight forwarding technician
– technician – economist

– IT technician
– electrical technician
– technician – mechanic
– nutrition and catering services technician- 92 students
Vocational Schools

– panel beater,
– electromechanic,
– baker,
– cook,
– network, installation and sanitary equipment fitter,
– car mechanic,
– carpenter,
– hairdresser,
– sales assistant,
– metalworker.
– precision mechanic
– mechanic and operator of vehicles and agricultural machinery
– mechatronics fitter

Several large companies located in the LSEZ, together with School Complexes formed sponsored classes, enabling the training of their future staff.

Development-oriented environment

The Municipality intensively supports local business through investment expenditures in the public infrastructure, including roads, the development of public transport, parking lots and other investments resulting from the needs of the entrepreneurs. The sum total of investment expenditures in recent years increased significantly in 2016 to PLN 19.5 million, and the 2018 expenditure is planned to amount to PLN 32.8 million.
The Infrastructure expenditures are rising, which means that the Municipality lays strong emphasis on the development and improvement of the socio-economic environment.

They already invested Here

BASF, Pittsburgh Glass Works, XEOS, Eldisy, Voestalpine, Röben Ceramika Budowlana.